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[Give Me The Deets]

-I am here to help solve your parenting struggles through a 30-minute Facetime or Skype call. As a counselor in training, I will meet your personal parenting struggle with a non-judgmental stance and complete compassion. I hold a bachelor’s degree focusing on Child Development, so you can rest assured that I am knowledgeable in all child-related areas. No concern is too difficult to tackle.

[The Good Stuff]

-Booking a consultation with me will help you feel more confident as a parent.
-You’ll receive personalized techniques that you can implement as soon as today.
-After your session, you’ll have the tools that you need to take your parenting to the next level.

[Wait, There’s More]

It doesn’t stop there, you’ll receive two follow-up emails discussing your progress, any concerns, and ways to maximize your success. Those email will also contain some exclusive parenting tips.

Take the next step in elevating not only yourself but also your children.